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Freelance writer, serial entrepreneur, digital nomad and remote work expert teaching people how to leave their 9-to-5s for financial freedom

Alexandra Fasulo is a full-time freelance writer, Fiverr millionaire, digital nomad and a remote work expert also known as The Freelance Fairy. A player in the gig economy since 2015, Alex now creates content designed to teach people how to quit their 9-to-5s and make money from anywhere in the world. A serial entrepreneur, she hosts a podcast, runs a freelancing mentorship Facebook Group and is writing a book to be published in October. Her story has been documented on CNBC, CNBC Make It, Business Insider, Forbes and Entrepreneur. When she’s not working or creating content, Alex loves to travel, learn about the latest holistic health/wellness hacks, all things spirituality and of course spend time with her cat, Lily.

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